Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's only Wednesday

Aren't they cute. I had to get a quick picture on our way out the door for cub scouts last night. Tonight we have church. They practice for the Christmas play on Wednesday nights. If anyone wants to see the play it will be at 6 p.m. December 14, 2008 at Olde Towne Community Church in Ridgeland. Joshua is playing the part of Leon and Jacob is a wise man. The play is called "The First Leon".

Things feel very busy and rushed right now. I finally had a chance to look at the projected Christmas schedule for work. It looks like I will only need to work Monday and Tuesday of each week during the two weeks the kids are out of school. Hopefully, our babysitter is available. I am taking the day off on December 18th as well. Jacob is in a play at school that morning and they both have Christmas parties at school that day. I am glad my job is pretty flexible.
My cat may not make it through the festive holiday season. She is not being kind to the tree. Yesterday I locked her in the laundry room to keep her away from the tree. I went in there a few minutes later and found an open drawer, but no cat.Apparently, she had opened the drawer and crawled through it to get to the cabinet below. She was resting comfortably on some old towels.On Monday, Jacob came running into the kitchen to tell me that it was raining little ice. I know the child has seen sleet before, but he acted like it was all new to him. It came down pretty heavy for a few minutes. You can see the little white dots in among the leaves on the deck. It has been quite chilly the last few days. Today it got up to near 70, but the wind was brutal. I can handle the cold, but I don't much care for the wind. Hopefully, it will not be so bad tomorrow.

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