Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Saturday

John does not relax well. He always has lots of projects lined up for the weekends. This morning he put blocks under the slats on our bed. The idea is to provide more support in the middle so our mattress won't sag. A couple of weeks ago when the bed frame broke we put the mattress and box springs on the floor while the frame was being repaired. It was actually more comfortable to sleep on while it was like that. Due to this realization John decided we needed more support under the slats. I told him it seems a bit redneck to have our bed on blocks. Oh well, I guess we should embrace our inner redneck.

After the bed was complete he moved on to the garage. He cleaned and organized and even did a little decorating. He put our personalized plates from Ohio on the wall. The N BEYND plate was on his Infiniti. The URNDWAY plate was on the truck. It should be read U R N D Way. We know we are nerds.

Once the garage was cleaned and organized he pulled the truck in to tighten a hose that was leaking. Once that was done, he pulled out the seats so he could clean the carpets. The broken heater core had leaked on them so it needed done. He actually pulled the carpet up on the side where the leak was because it was wet underneath the carpet. We are hoping it will dry out in time to put the seats back in tomorrow.

While cleaning the garage he found our box of outdoor Christmas lights. I have a feeling our house will have lights before the weekend is over.

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