Monday, December 1, 2008

December Already

The joy of Monday is upon us. The boys returned to school, John returned to work and I am spending the day cleaning house. So far the laundry is going and all the bedrooms are clean.
The boys had fun swimming in a pile of leaves yesterday. John had them clear the leaves from the driveway. I still love the trees, but they are creating quite a mess. You can't walk outside without hearing the crunch of acorns and leaves under your feet.

We had a busy weekend. John replaced the heater core on the truck and fiber glassed the dash. He has spent quite some time arguing with Dodge to no avail. Just for the record, I love my truck. The only issues I have are the huge cracks in the dash. The Internet has many forums devoted to problems with the plastic Dodge used in their dashes. We looked at buying a new dash, but it is hard to spend a minimum of $400 when there is no guarantee a new dash won't crack just as bad. There is no evidence to suggest that Dodge has corrected the original problem. Plus due to the magnitude of the problem the dash is on back order. Anyway, there are several companies that make an aftermarket cover to hide the unsightly cracks. The only problem with that is the dash continues to crumble underneath the cover. I am not much for hiding a problem, I want it fixed. The best solution we could find that wouldn't cost a fortune was to fiberglass the existing dash to keep it from crumbling. It isn't the prettiest solution, but it works. We will now purchase a cover to hide the fiber glass.

It was a pretty productive weekend. John was able to enjoy heat on his drive to work today. I know tomorrow will be crazy at work, but that's okay. Having a day off to be home alone is worth it. I have to banish myself from the computer now so I can finish my chores.

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