Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It is hard for me to believe that Tuesday is already here. I have a ladies night out planned for tonight and John is taking the boys to cub scouts. I would love to just stay home and rest, but I know I will have a good time with my friends. The picture above is the tree in the foyer of our church. I think it is really pretty.This past weekend was busier than I like. Saturday morning the kids had dress rehearsal for their Christmas play. Jacob got to try on different wise men hats. I got to sit around and visit while they spent two hours rehearsing. My friend Tonia met us at church around noon. She dropped her daughter off to spend the afternoon with John and the boys while she and I went shopping. It was fun and most of my Christmas shopping is now done. Saturday night we went to the Florence Christmas parade. It was nice. The boys got lots of candy.
Sunday morning we went to church and Sunday afternoon John and I wrapped gifts while the kids took a nap. We had to be back at church by four for one last practice. On our way to church for practice, we stopped by some friends house. They were having a holiday open house/Christmas party. We didn't stay long, but we felt we needed to make an appearance. The play was at six and it went really well. Joshua had the lead role and he did awesome. Jacob was a wise man. He also did great.

Monday went by in a blur. I got all the Christmas cards addressed and they went out in the mail this morning. We did out family picture as soon as we got home from church on Sunday morning. I was not terribly happy with the picture, but I guess it looks like us. I am still trying to comprehend how it got to be Tuesday. The rest of the week will be equally chaotic. I took Thursday off work since the boys have several things going on at school that day. On Friday, they get out at 10:30 a.m. That means I won't work much on Friday. I know the boys are really looking forward to the Christmas break. I am just hoping things seem less rushed next week.

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