Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I mentioned that we went to a friends open house/Christmas party on Sunday. The above is a picture of the house warming gift she sent home with us. She knows us well.
Jacob has a play at school tomorrow. The first letter that came home said they need to wear a long sleeved red shirt. Jacob has a long sleeved thermal shirt that will work. The letter that came home Monday said they need to wear a red turtleneck. I looked at three stores and couldn't find a red turtleneck. That means he is going to wear the thermal shirt. I debated going to the mall this evening to search for a red turtleneck, but my better judgement won out. He can just wear what we have. I am not willing to battle the crazy people for a shirt he will only wear once.
The rest of this week should be pretty calm. Jacob's play is at 8:15 in the morning. After that they have their Christmas party. Joshua's Christmas party is at 9:00. I will go to each party for a few minutes and then I have an appointment at 10:40. I plan to go grocery shopping after that to get ready for the weekend. John is going to be smoking briskets all weekend. Several people asked him to smoke them for their Christmas dinners. Also, some are giving them as gifts. I think he is planning to smoke twelve briskets plus 3 or 4 roasts for pulled pork. We are having pulled pork at our Christmas party on Sunday. The good thing about him cooking all weekend is that it will force us to stay home. That will be a great thing. I need some time to recharge.

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