Saturday, December 27, 2008

Customer Service Woes

I have spent way too much time the last two days dealing with Customer Service people. The only lesson learned is that persistence pays. I ordered some merchandise online Christmas evening with a gift card I received from my loving husband. As soon as I got the email confirmation for the order I realized I had made a mistake. I had intended to order 5 of one item but had only ordered 3. There was a significant discount if you ordered the larger quantity. No problem, I sent a quick email to customer service explaining my mistake and asking if it would be possible to correct it. I received an email about 24 hours later saying that they could not fix the problem via email, but if I called customer service they would be able to resolve the issue. Yeah for me. I called and was told that since the order had already processed they could not do anything. I let it go and decided that I should learn to pay better attention. However, the more I thought about it the more it irritated me. The email led me to believe that they would help me if I called and they didn't help me. John suggested I send another email to express my frustration. So I did. They responded with a new email that said if I would call again, they would fix it. I called again and this time they were able to do a new order for the additional items and give me a credit for the 3 already ordered. I do love happy endings. So remember kids, there is always someone willing to help if you insist enough.

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