Thursday, December 11, 2008

Munchkins playing in the Snow

I reluctantly let the kids go out and play. I wasn't planning to since it is so muddy, but we compromised. We went out, but we stayed on the deck. They had a blast making snowballs. Joshua even made a pseudo snowman.

I tried to get a picture of the water on our drive. The yard next to us looks like a small lake. It is a bit difficult to make out but there is a little waterfall behind our mailbox where the water is pouring over the drive.


Gator said...

That's beautiful! I can't believe all the rain, too. That's kinda odd to see.

It's hard to say no to the kids when it snows, isn't it? Last year when we got nine inches of pure white snow we all had fun playing in it. Luckily here in Texas it will snow one day and the next be in the 80's. I love Texas!! They (they, being the weather gurus) are saying that next week we (here in Wise Co) may get some freezing rain. That's not much fun to play in, drive in or get out in for any reason. If it happens it will be a nice day to chill at the house and build a fire, watch movies and cuddle up in blankets. I could use one of those days NOW!

I hope all is well with all of y'all! The boys are getting so big! They are so handsome, too. Aubree can't believe she used to bathe with Joshua. She's in the stage where "all guys are yucky and have boy germs"! I hope she stays like that for a long time! ;)

And I agree 100% - the schools should shut down when it starts any kind of frozen precipitation at 8am! Let the Mommas and babies have a bad weather day and not have to risk getting out in that mess. One day when I'm ruler of the universe I will declare it law.... LOL!

Kristina said...

Hey Gator, I hope you get a day to just stay home and cuddle up soon. We are having one today. They made the call late last night to cancel school today. I am glad they did. We live in a pretty rural area, so most of the back roads are still slick. Once the sun comes out everything should melt fast. That will be good because I have to go to the grocery store. We had the last of the hot chocolate yesterday. I need stock up on the cold weather essentials.