Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day of Thanks

It has been a full day. The kids spent the morning doing projects. Since they have spent the majority of their week glued to the TV, we didn't turn it on today. We did rent a movie this afternoon so we will probably watch it in a little while. Jacob made our family and Joshua made the dog and cat. I am not sure why they are shaped like people and wearing glittery clothes.
There was quite a spread for the Thanksgiving meal. Dana and June were laughing at me for taking a picture of the food. I told Dana I was going to put the pictures on my blog and she told me I need to get on Facebook. I just can't bring myself to do that.

We decided to go ahead and put up the tree today. It was too tall to fit in front of the window in the office. So being the traditional family that we are, John just cut it down. It fits nicely now.
John and I married in 1995. That is the year we bought our first personalized ornament. Since then we have bought a personalized ornament each year. When the kids were born we started buying a personalized ornament for them each year. It is a fun tradition. We have not yet bought this years ornaments. We will most likely order them this weekend.
I just love getting out the ornaments and strolling down memory lane. Of course, we have our Ohio State ornament. It was a gift from our small group in Ohio. They gave it to us as a going away present last year. We have lots of ornaments the kids have made. It is so fun to see the kids faces light up when they get to put their ornaments on the tree. I will post pictures of the finished tree later.

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