Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we set out from our home in Ohio to make a new life in Mississippi. It was not a planned move. In September, we were informed that John's job had been eliminated. We had never been through a downsizing, and we were a little uneasy about what lay ahead. Within a month, John had been offered a new job in Mississippi. It was nothing short of amazing the way things worked out. We put our house on the market and had an offer in less than a week. It was really a pretty easy move.
In addition, John's job has been great. Before we moved he traveled every week. He would fly out on Monday and home on Friday. It was getting old, and he really wasn't happy with the job. I was tired of feeling like a single parent. The lay off was really a blessing in disguise. Now he is home before six most evenings. He rarely gets calls at night to deal with problems and he works with some great people. I never dreamed that God would send us to Mississippi, but I am thankful he did. We are blessed.

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