Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Home Alone

I just love this time of year. John took this picture yesterday morning as he was walking around the yard. He says the picture doesn't do it justice. The wind blew and the leaves started falling all around him. I love moments like that, when the sun is shining through the trees and you just get to take in the beauty that surrounds us.
It seems weird to be at home alone today. I have only been working for about two months, but I have gotten used to the routine. It was kind of nice to stand on the porch sipping my coffee as the kids got on the bus this morning. I have a lot to do today, and I am pretty excited about getting things accomplished. My biggest quandary today is whether I should bother getting dressed. I am rather fond of my flannel pajamas. The other night John and I were watching TV and a commercial for some online dating service was on. The lady said she vowed to never wear a flannel nightgown. John reached over and touched the sleeve of my shirt and laughed. He said I guess it is technically not a nightgown but pajamas. It made me laugh.
The boys had a good time at Cub Scouts last night. Jacob was pretty excited that he got to hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.
I have to include one crazy picture of our silly pets. Socks has gotten in the habit of trying to nurse Oscar. It is rather interesting. As annoying as they can be at times, they are pretty entertaining.

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