Thursday, November 20, 2008

I like Thursday

I am so glad it is Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday are hard because we have cub scouts and church. Thursdays are good because we get to stay home. I really like Thursday. I like Friday even more so I guess the week is only going to get better. At the moment we have nothing planned for the weekend. I am so excited.

This has been a busy week, but it has been good. Yesterday at work we had a Thanksgiving lunch. A lady I was sitting with was complaining about how tough the steaks were. I said at least it has a good flavor. She just said, "Girl, you are such a white girl. You know you can't chew that steak. You are too nice saying at least it has a good flavor." She was cracking me up. I do work with a diverse group of people. I am still working way more than I intended when I started this part time job. I think things will slow down a bit after the holidays. For now, working a few extra hours is good. We could certainly use the extra money for Christmas.

The boys are diligently working on their homework.

One quick picture of the beauty that surrounds us. I went out unto the breezeway to get something from the car. I had to stop and admire the Autumn sights. The sun shining through the trees was quite beautiful.

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