Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday at Last

This has been such an odd week. I am ready for a weekend. Today I took Oscar to the vet for his annual checkup. He loves getting to go. He doesn't even mind all the icky things the vet does to him. He is just so happy that someone is paying attention to him. Look at that smile.
I had to take a picture of our deck this morning. It looks like we are preparing for a harvest party or something. I think we may have to clear all the leaves this weekend. Also, it rained last night and water is pooling on the tarp over the pool. We are going to have to get the water off of it before it pulls the tarp into the pool. This whole house in the country thing seems to require a lot more work than I imagined.

After John got home tonight we went to dinner and then by the grocery store. John is going to smoke some ribs and pork roast tomorrow. He has never attempted pulled pork, so he thought he would throw a roast on the smoker and try his hand at it. We got about two miles down the road tonight and realized that we had left both our phones at home. We didn't even turn around to go get them. Amazingly we survived.

I guess there is not much else to report in our world. John has a churchmen's breakfast in the morning. After that he has a planning meeting at church. Hopefully, it won't take too long. It is my intention to spend the morning doing some detailed cleaning. We will see how that plays out. I need to clean out the kids closets. I know they could both use some winter clothes, but I need to go through what they have to know for sure what they need. It is an exciting life.

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