Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Tree is Done

The tree is finished and the cat is already knocking ornaments off of it. Our angel won't fit on the top. We are thinking we may get a star we can attach to the front. It seems a little naked without something on top.
The kids are asking what we are having for dinner. I can't believe they are actually hungry. I guess I will feed them some leftovers and then we can watch Wall-e. Jacob just told me that God made this a happy thanksgiving by blessing us. He is a smart kid, we are very blessed.


Gator said...

Your tree is beautiful. Hope you and the fam had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got ours up too. I just love Christmas and how my house looks at Christmas time. Have a great weekend! Love to you all!

House of Oscar said...

Thanks Gator. I can't take any credit for the tree. John and the kids did it all. I will get to take it down. That way everything gets put away neatly. Yes, I have a few issues, but you already knew that.