Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Deed is Done

Apparently, it is very traumatic for Jacob when you start putting his things in a trash bag. He tried to take his roller blades away from me. Silly child, mommy wins. He is in his room throwing quite an impressive fit. Actually, the noise is dying down. He may very well cry himself to sleep. Who knows if this little lesson will make an impression. For the record, I really am throwing everything I picked up away.
Joshua did a good job and got his room and the family room picked up. I think he has a little more fear in him.
I feel like dirt right now, but the kids rooms are clean. Have I mentioned that sometimes being the mommy sucks.

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Stormy said...

I applaud you! You sound like me!!!

Hang in there, tomorrow is a new day, and God has a plan!!!