Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mean Mom

Yes, that is what I am today. My dear children have just been threatened. I will recount how we got to this point. When I got home from work today the kids were in the family room playing. One of the neighbor kids was here and all was well. The babysitter left, and about an hour later the neighbor kid left. I baked some cookies and left them on the counter to cool. We then went to our neighbor's house so they could show Joshua where they keep the dog food. He is going to be feeding their dog while they are out of town. As soon as we got home I told my dear little angels to clean their rooms and get all their toys out of the family room. This was about two hours ago. I went on about my business. About an hour ago I reminded them that they needed to be cleaning or there would be consequences. I then proceeded to work out. As soon as I finished my workout, I issued an ultimatum. Everything that is not put in its proper place within the next twenty minutes will be thrown away. They are quickly scurrying. I am trying not to be irritated. I am not going to ask, beg or encourage them to get the job done. I probably shouldn't have given them the ultimatum. I should have just thrown things away. Too often, I just give in and wind up picking up just to get it done. While I was working out I was thinking about this habit. So much for relaxing and relieving stress during the workout. Anyway, it is not a good habit to be in. They have just a few minutes left. I may need to get a big trash bag ready.

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