Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Recap

Last night when we went to the grocery store, I picked up a bag of powdered donuts for breakfast. I have a weakness for powdered donuts. This is what I found on the counter this morning. Apparently Socks thought they were for her. She has pretty much decided that it is okay to get on the counters. I spend quite a bit of time putting her back on the floor.

John went to the church men's breakfast this morning. After that he went to the planning meeting so he didn't get home until close to noon. While he was gone I got the bathrooms cleaned and did some laundry. The kids dressed up in their ninja costumes and battled. Once John got home, he put the ribs and roast on the smoker. After that he and the kids went to Harbor Freight and got a submersible pump to use on the pool tarp.

As you can see we really need to get the water off the tarp.

While the pump was working John tried to clear some of the leaves off of the deck. It is sort of like sweeping things under the carpet only he is blowing leaves under the decking.

The boys spent some time trying to clear the leaves from the breezeway. They spent most of their time complaining about the wind blowing the leaves. Once they were finished with this project they played with the neighbors grandson who was visiting. They played football for a while and then they rode the golf cart. I think they had fun.

We got to enjoy the ribs for dinner tonight. John cooked two slabs so we will have plenty left for lunch tomorrow. Since he also made pulled pork, I shouldn't have to cook for a few days. That sounds great to me.

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