Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Again

I should be making dinner, but I am in front of the computer. We had a busy weekend and today seemed to go by in a blur. Monday's are always busy at work, but since I keep inheriting more responsibilities, Monday is even crazier. I left several things in limbo today, so that means tomorrow will be crazy as well.
Yesterday, we recovered the pool. The original tarp had a cool hole, so we started over. As you can see, the water still looks pretty clear. It had only been covered for a month, so I guess it shouldn't look too bad. I think the new tarp will be much better. It is a larger tarp and it actually has grommets all around that we can use to tie it down. We put anchors all around the deck, so we didn't have to use as many logs to weigh it down.
That means we now have a decent burn pile. I am sure we will be having a bonfire soon.
I had to include one crazy cat picture. One of the boys forgot to close their bathroom door. Our cat feels the need to attack the toilet paper when she finds it unattended. She used to just pull it off the roll and make a mess. Yesterday, she pulled the entire roll into the floor and proceeded to maul it. I hope she outgrows this habit.

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