Saturday, November 15, 2008

Typical Saturday

Yes, there is smoke coming from the smoker. That must mean it's Saturday. John smoked some ham and sausage for dinner tonight. I know what we will be having for dinner this week. Our friends, Jeff and Tonya, and their daughters Julie and Alex came over for dinner. There son Josh didn't make it because he was hunting. We had a good visit. Julie has agreed to babysit for us the week of Thanksgiving. That is a huge relief for me. I was a bit worried about finding a sitter so I could work that week.
Most of our day was spent cleaning. The boys were enjoying trying to scoop the water off the pool tarp until I saw them and put an end to their fun. Joshua had seen his daddy scooping the water so he was just trying to be helpful and do it too.

Jacob spent quite a bit of time trying to clear the driveway. John just got on the mower and used it to blow the leaves off the drive. In the picture Jacob is running away mad because John ran over his pile of leaves. After John cleared the drive with the mower, he used the blower to clear it off a little better. He also used the blower to clear the leaves out of the flowerbeds. I am sure they will be covered again tomorrow, but they looked better for a few minutes.

I spent a great deal of time inside the house. Since I worked too much this past week, I neglected my house. Jacob had fun playing with the chairs in the office while I was mopping the dining room.
Joshua took a break from clearing leaves from the pool deck to enjoy swinging.
Tomorrow will be another busy day. After church we need to run by the mall and get the boys some new jeans. I am hoping that after this trip we can make it the rest of the year without buying more jeans. Since there are less than two months left in the year we might make it. Also, we have to pick up a new tarp to cover the pool. The one that is over it now got a rip in it. It was here when we bought the house so we don't even know how old it is. We weren't sure it would survive the season, but it was worth a try. We are planning to buy a little heavier tarp in the hope that it will last a few years.


Anonymous said...

You are on top of this blogging. I can get one maybe once a month if I am lucky! There should be more coming up in December while I am on vacation! We shall see!
Wendy K

House of Oscar said...

Hey Wendy,
We enjoy seeing the pictures of Abby. I know you are looking forward to the Christmas break. Take some time to spoil your new neice over the holidays. Hopefully, we will see you guys before too long.